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Automated Testing with Selenium/Cypress

Ideal for QA engineers who want to upskill to remain relevant in the new digital global workforce. This course covers automation testing with Selenium, Cypress, and Playwright.

Knowledge of manual test required
Course duration is 3 months
No basic coding experience required
Weekly live sessions

The course aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to automate software testing processes efficiently.

By the end of the course, students should have the ability to apply automation testing best practices and techniques to enhance the quality of software testing processes. Overall, students will attain a thorough understanding of automation testing processes and be capable of applying their knowledge and skills in practical software testing situations.

This course is for Aspiring QA Engineers, Project managers, Software Developers, QA Engineers who want to upskill and tech enthusiasts

By the end of this course students should be able to:

  • Understand the benefits and different types of automation testing.
  • Create and execute automated test scripts using industry-standard tools like Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, and Jenkins.
  • Analyse test results and identify defects using test reports and other analysis techniques.
  • Apply automation testing best practices and techniques to improve the quality of software testing processes.
  • Use automation frameworks to build scalable and maintainable automation testing solutions.
  • Implement data-driven testing to increase test coverage and reduce maintenance efforts
  • Integrate automation testing with continuous integration and delivery processes

This course covers

01. Introduction
02. Introduction to Testing
03. Debugging
04. Testing user interactions
05. Testing forms and validations
06. Testing API and backends
07. Projects

Tuition for this course is


Invest in your future for the next 3 months in your future and let us handle the task of training you to be the best.

What our students are saying

One of the reasons I joined UnbugQA Academy was to improve my understanding of software testing, which would increase my chances of getting a job. And to my delight, I was able to secure a job even before completing this cohort. The best thing about Unbug is its community - being surrounded by brilliant minds and having the opportunity to learn from their experiences. Additionally, I appreciate the personal connections I have made through the program.

Joshua Adenson

I'm glad to be associated with UnbugQA since the learning process there was enjoyable and practically oriented, and there were many real-life projects to work on that helped groom and educate students for real-life scenarios on software testing progressing from novice to pro.

Uko Mfonma

I am Jamal, a student at @Unbugqa @unbugqa_academy and so far I have had a great learning experience. I have worked on many projects and I have learned a lot from my mentors. I think the best way to learn is to get job ready from the beginning. arigatou gozaimashita @oluwacode_

Olalere Balogun

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We will be teaching you Automation frameworks: Cypress and Selenium Automation.

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